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A Time of Transition

With the retirement of our pastor, Louie Andrews, III, on October 31, 2020, our Interim Pastor, Jewell-Ann Parton, arrived at Rockfish Presbyterian Church in January 2021.  The goal of this time of transition is to provide opportunities for our congregation to put our history into perspective, recognizing that what we will become in the future is related to who we have been in the past. In the early months of the COVID-19 related closures, however, many of our priorities and hopes, as well as our timelines, have had to be revised.


Transition Team

Our Transition Team was formed in February 2021 to begin guiding the congregation in exercises to gather information and resulted in the preparation of a Mission Study Report. Because of COVID-19, the Team did not meeting face-to-face only by Zoom, nonetheless has moved steadily forward.

The Team surveyed active and past members, and friends of the church.  The Mission Study Report encompassed our Heritage (past), Congregational Life (present), Identity & Mission, Demographics (church and community), and Vision for the Future.


Next Steps

The Mission Study Report has been completed and approved.  The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC),  formed this summer, submitted a Session approved Ministry Information Form (MIF) to the Presbytery for posting online as an available position. Through it all, the PNC, Session, and Congregation will continue to pray for discernment and wisdom in the calling of our next pastor.